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Just a great documentation, a must watch. Enjoy & God Bless. -tsuLife Author


Gene Edwards

I found out about this book through a friend. He recommended it to someone before me, so I asked him what was so different about this book than other Christian books. This book is about the telling of Jesus’ crucifixion, by Jesus himself. I learned so much more than I expected to when I finished the book. It gave me a different, and better perspective of the why and how Jesus suffered agonizing depths for us. Reading this book is only a glimpse of what actually happened during his crucifixion, but it was more than I knew before and was enough to change my life. The love that Christ has for us is literally beyond comprehension-yet I am eternally grateful for it. I would honestly recommend this book to anyone who asks me, “hey, do you know of a good book?” besides the Bible, of course! If you like this book, you would also enjoy Burning Desire by S.J. Hill. –Destiny Santiago

The measure of anointing that we carry reveals the measure of revelation we actually live in.

“Revelation” means “to lift the veil” or “to remove the cover.” The word anoint comes from a Latin word that means “to smear.”

This is from a book I’m reading called Spiritual Java by Bill & Beni Johnson, Kris Vallotton, Kevin Dedmon, Danny Silk, Banning Liebscher.

The greatest thing that I learning from this book is finding your gift, how to practice it and to use it for other people. Just a simple book about Christian words and gifts. The book covers about 40 topics, each chapter is two pages long with questions and a end thought. If you are new in the faith or just want to get back to the basics these book is great. -tsuLife Author

I watched both movies last night. Finger of God is about God’s healing. Furious Love is about the spiritual war, that our weapon against it is love. Furious Love made me cry a lot. Over and over God showed up with abundant love. Just the way He loves us is amazing. Tonight I’m watching the Passion of Christ for the first time. I’ll tell you guys on Monday what I thought. -tsuLife Author

In the Heart of the World by Mother Teresa (book)

In the Heart of the World is a powerful portrait of one of the most beloved women of all time, told in her own words through a fascinating blend of daily life experiences, prayers, and spiritual wisdom. Follow Mother Teresa to the streets of Calcutta, Rome, and New York and listen as she offers pearls of spiritual truth as relevant today as when she began her work more than sixty years ago.

With humor, compassion, and lyrical clarity, Mother Teresa illuminates the sacred in the intimate everyday tasks of living. In the Heart of the World bear indisputable testimony to the influence of a soul wholly dedicated- with a heart of love- to a life of service. Through this book, Mother Teresa will inspire you to reach out with love and compassion to others, and to work together for world peace. -back of the bookcover

“In loving one another through our works we bring an increase of grace and a growth in divine love.”

“I urge people to join our work, for our profit and for the profit of everyone. I never ask them for money or any material things. I ask then to bring their love, to offer the sacrifice of their hands.”

“Be faithful in little things, for in them your strength lies.”

It’s nice to see a real heart for the people in need. She poured everything she had into her work. It’s a short read of letters to her sister, thoughts and her personal prayers. -tsuLife Author

   Capt. Dale Black has flown as a commercial pilot all over the world, but one flight changed his life forever-an amazing journey to heaven and back.
The only survivor of a horrific plane crash, Dale was hovering between life and death when he had a wondrous experience of heaven. What he saw, what he heard, and what he learned there continues to ripple through his life and touch others.
Against all odds, Dale miraculously recovered from his injuries and learned to fly again. Now, with his life as a testament, he shares his inspiring story-offering hope and encouragement for those dealing with serious injuries or the loss of a loved one, and those looking assurance about this life and the next. -back of the bookcover

I find this book at Barnes and Noble. When I saw flight to heaven with a pretty blue sky on the cover. I had to pick it up to see what it was about. When I saw on the front cover “A Pilot’s True Story” “A Plane Crash… A Lone Survivor… A Journey To Heaven- And Back”. I had to skim through it. As I read the first chapter, I was hooked. Capt. Dale Black story was about his plane accidents. Where he was the only survivor. The details of his recovery and his experience in heaven. To have God move in so many works and miracles. That even his doctor was puzzled on how Dale was healed. The stories of countless lives that God would saved through Dale to the years to come. With an amazing story at the end, on the lengths that God is willing to go for His people to be saved. I would recommend this book for people that want to know about healing and heaven. This book is very helpful to understand the ways of God. And how He show His love for the wounded. That He does not just heal the body but also heal the heart. -tsuLife Author