I enjoy servicing others, it doesn’t matter what I am doing.  My love is for God and it all started about 3 years ago with one little church and a God experience that would change the course of my life. With many up and down in the beginning. It didn’t matter anymore what I went through or what I am going through, that the living God was on my side. For knowing that I have internal life in Him and for eternity. My life is now to express His love to His people.

I’m a painter, hairdresser, make-up artist, photographer, writer, listener, giver, prayer and talker. I love people and loyal to the people around me. I love animals but cats the most. I attack every cat I see…. hugging and kissing the poor little kitty until I get hit in the face with a paw. I’m not joking haha. I enjoy playing tennis, walking, climbing trees (the tree on my header is one of the trees that I climb all the time), kayaking, horse back riding, swimming and watching a good documentaries. I love worship music, too.

I love my brothers and sister in my church. We rebuke and love each other like brother and sisters. I have been rebuked a few times and I’m graceful for every rebuke. I get a lot of encouragement from them too. To push me toward, not to fear, and that it doesn’t what matter I do that God is with me.

If there is something that you want to write about on my blog you can contact me at: tsulife@gmail.com.

I hope you enjoy this blog and a blessed day.
-tsuLife Author


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