Dealing with Depression and Being a Christian

Nikolina&Dan-2(87of553)For most people that just doesn’t make any sense. Cause most Christians are bubbly cheerleaders that love everyone. Well it has been very different for me. I had depression for years and just couldn’t come out with it. Mostly, because I didn’t want to be viewed at someone that wants attention. With everyone being so busy with self agendas. No one has time to talk about how they really feel. Covering it with busyness so we don’t have to be alone with our own thoughts.

What does God really want for us?
Love your neighbor as you love yourself.
Hard to do that when we are too busy to even deal with our own selves. You can say the cliche stop and smell the roses. How much is that true for us? How much do we really care about others over self promotion?

How do we move from self promotion or self doubt?
I see most people in one or the other camp. One is the self promoter which can be impossible to get two words in. HAHA We have all done it. You know who they are and who you are. We are not into shaming here. What insecurity do we have that makes us tell people about how much we have done or will do. Or the self doubters when we go up to speak and we just come up empty with worries.

How does our insecurity affect our behavior and our depression?When our expectations of who we are become a unquenchable monster that can never get filled. I personally want to do everything right and feel useful. I never feel OK with just existing, always having the need to prove myself and myself worth. After chasing intangible goals, I’m left with the feeling of defeat and depression.

What’s next?
I don’t know, maybe not caring and thinking that I don’t have to do something important so that I can have the privilege to breathe. And to remember God cares more about us then anyone can or does. That my self worth is on Him and not myself.

If you ever dealt with lack of self worth or depression and how did you over come it, leave a comment below



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