Redeemable Past

Psalms 103:5 NKJV
Who satisfies your mouth with good things, So that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s.

Something about the thought of your past being redeemable though His mercy, is comforting. What I think of myself is not how God sees me. There are so many lies that we can hold onto like they are truth. I got revelation about our thoughts. That if you have a thought that makes you feel worst about yourself and that leads to sin, it’s a lie. No truth from God would lead you down that road. Truth is to set free not to put you in more chains. Wouldn’t we all like to go back and change things we have done or was done to us. Facts about circumstance may not be truth according to God. We all have our giants but we don’t take down our giants alone. Also, going through our lions and bears without God too. To have a call on our lives that would be unhindered by nothing. We will be tested and tried, it’s on how we come out of it. To uncover lies and bring out the truth of the strength of God in us. I tell people all the time, the Spirit inside us is the same one that raised Christ from the dead. Why wouldn’t you think He wouldn’t want to do something great in you and through you.
He wants you to have victories. 
He wants you to live holy.
He wants you clean and a renew.
He wants you to be close to Him without blame.
He wants you live in freedom.
He wants all of you. -tsuLife Author


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