He took it all with 3 Nails

Couple years ago, I was at a over night prayer. When I kept on getting a vision of Jesus on the cross. I remember sitting on the floor in deep prayer. The vision was stronger. The prayer out of my mouth, “how you love me, how you love us. I can never understand what you did for me. Why did you die for us? You did nothing wrong. You were perfect, You had not one sin on Your life. You were perfect in every way.” I began to mourn like I lost a family member, just screaming why. That was the moment when I realize how much the cross meant. How unjustified the cross was, to justify us into life with God. I couldn’t grabs the idea of pull my perfect, sweet, loving and graceful son a cross for other people wrong doing. For Him to pay a price He didn’t desire, just for LOVE. How much more do you need to be showed that God loves you with everything in Him. Love that go through the hearts of man to live for eternity. From Genesis to Revelation all He wanted is to bring people back to His love. To breathe His breath of power and inheritance to His kingdom. He loves you and will prove it anyway He can for you to understand. -tsuLife Author


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