Peace Faith Hope

Peace, I really wish I had more of it. My mind will naturally go to fear, feeling condemned. I want this renew mind to work a little faster. But it doesn’t work that way. For the last months or so, I know God has been breaking off that fear of man. Being put in situation where I have to trust Him 100%. My peace is usually robbed by my thoughts. I never want to make a choose out of fear, instead of love.

Faith, I believe the mountains can be moved for other people but really hard to see it in my own life. Faith is trusting in the unknown. My problem is I want to know everything now, so I don’t mess it up. There is not much faith if you know or don’t trust in God, then it just becomes my own will power to get the next step done.

Hope, something magical about hope. And yes I used magical to talk about hope on Christian blog. Hope is that moment where you are at your loneliest and something in your spirit tells you its going to be ok. One speaker said wherever you feel hopeless in a area of your life, somewhere you believed a lie. I want to know where the lies started even if it’s going to hurt in the process. Cause I can’t live in hopelessness for the rest of my life.

When your peace is taken, when your faith shaken, when your hope is lost the one thing we can stand on God is God and loves us more then anything we can do for Him. -tsuLife Author



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