Random thoughts… grateful for the amazing people I have in my life. Some that are willing or care enough to get me out of my pit. How much distractions can really throw any person off there track on what God wants for there life. Just because it the easiest doesn’t mean its the right way. Cause most difficult path could be the most rewarding. Even tho I had so many people really destroy my life and wound every part of me. For some reason I bounce back, I know it has to be God cause I would have throw in the towel a long time ago. It’s that hope, that things will get better and it has. With my last heart to heart with a friend, that my lack of trust with people is causing me to fear people. I never realized that what was plague my heart. Any form of confrontation I would just run cause I didn’t want the person to yell at me or make me feel small. I can give you the sob story of why I’m like that. But I really don’t like the pitying. I’m more of, find out what it is and get rid of it… and move on. So that my thought for the day. Trust people and if they hurt you, God will smite them in the face. I’m joking about the last part. -tsuLife Author

“I wouldn’t trade my salvation for anything in the world.”


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