Catching the Moment Part 1

I was in intercessor prayer for a conference, over 4 weeks ago. When the pastor asked me if I was going to stay after the prayer. I felt it was important to stay. I had a interview that I cancel, so I could stay. I was talking with the pastor and everyone else in the group. They were talking about Bill Johnson being in Harrisburg. I thought to myself “I would love to go” and just dropped it. At that moment I joined there intercession team. The journey starts in supernatural favor.

On Sept 24th at church during worship, I was in the front. When a guy starts prophesying over me, “women ministry, deeper hunger….” Then a women says to me, “Nik, you are ready.” At the end of the service another women came up to me as I was sitting on the ground. “Are you going to Harrisburg? Cause God wants me to give you my ticket. You just have to find a ride and a hotel.” I just start crying and shaking cause God remembered I wanted to go. I was hanging around at the end while they were cleaning up. I asked the pastor if she was going and how many people were going, too. I told her what happen during worship. Then she turned to her husband and asked him, “Can Nik come with us and stay in our room. We have the couch.” I looked at her with my eyes wide open in shock on what I was hearing. He said, “Yes”, she turns back to me and says “We are leaving at 6:30pm on Thursday. Meet us at our house.” So I took off of work on Friday and I was off to Harrisburg two days later.

God can move in a moment… to be continue –tsuLife Author


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