For people that have wounds. I have seen them self destruct over & over. Wounds that make them feel like victims. If you stand from a place of victory, just to have a understanding that our past doesn’t defile us or our future. When our actions become a place of pain, they are usually self center. That we desire these & that cause the world owe me something cause this happen.

My thoughts go back to Christ when my heart wonders into self pity. Jesus also didn’t desire to die for something He didn’t do. That was our sins on the cross, not His. But He did it out of love & He was able to see the big picture. Moving past temporary pain for eternal Glory. We have to move past our pain, going through grace to the end at His glory. He is waiting for us to get up, like He did at His resurrection. Move forward, don’t look back. Let the Lord handle your past. -tsuLife Author


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