Leap of Faith

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My awesome friends of faith. Sorry that I haven’t been writing. A lot has happen… more then I can write. I went from a dry season feeling that I was going nowhere. To everything happening within one month span. Started with a leap of faith with the Spirit leading the way.

If you read the story from California. Click here to read. Something I let go and really thought it was never going to happen. One day my friend invited me to a church that her spiritual mother went to. That service was amazing. At the end of it, the pastor invite us to come to the School of a Missionary on Saturday, just to visit for one day. I cried cause I was happy to see what it was about. That Saturday after classed, I signed up not knowing how I was going to pay for it. I told the woman I will pay for this month fee next week. She looked up at me and said you don’t have to worry about the month of May. I tried everything in me not to cry.

That day I went home I just ran up stairs to shower and change to go back out. My dad told me that I got a check in the mail. I thought it would be like last year, 16 bucks from the state. So I didn’t open it, until later I got home. I opened it and throw it on my drawer, not thinking what the amount was. I sat on my computer for about an hour before I realize was I saw. So I got back up and looked to see 700 bucks. I cried and tried not to scream like a mad man. So that means school is paid for…

Telling my boss that I can’t work on Saturdays was hard. My boss text me that I couldn’t take off on the 27th of May. I told her that I had plans that day for my birthday and I also can’t work on Saturday cause of school. She never texted me back. Until I went to work on Wednesday and told me after today she doesn’t need me anymore. So I was let go…

Saturday came and I went to school and told my friend’s spiritual mom what happen with the money and losing my job. She asked what did I do for a living. I told her that I was portrait photographer and also did hair for years before that. She looked at me, “you have a hair license?” I have done hair for about 9 years. She said “I may have a place in mind. I’ll make some phone calls and get back to you.” So I waited…

The following week I got the number for the salon. I was very nervous to call, but I did it and set up a day for an interview. I almost didn’t set up the interview cause she wanted me to work on Sunday. I usually never work on Sunday. I had someone say to me in round about way, “You are putting limits on yourself and putting Jesus in a box.” So I went for it…

That following Saturday was the third when all this all started. I was in the front worshiping, when I got a vision. It was me and Jesus dancing cheek to cheek. He pulled His face back to look into my eyes. He leaned in, like a wind He breathed a wedding dress onto me. As I looked up to Him, He was standing there at an altar in a suit. I woke up from my vision to have the pastor standing in front of me. She laid her hands on me. And I went down like a ton of bricks. I just cried, saying over and over in my head, “how can you call me your bride, I’m not worthy”. So I started to believe I was worthy enough…

I had the interview this week for the job. It seem like a place that I would love to work at. I have one more interview to do color in front of the salon owner. And I think I will get the job!!!

What a crazy and faithful month of God’s blessing. I can’t wait for what He has next for me. I really learned to trust in Him. That His way is true and good for my life. Also on the 28th of May I turned 28! I love getting older, it has been a joy to spend the last 5 years with God and the amazing people that He put before me. Be Blessed today. –tsuLife Author


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