How thick is your loyalty to God?

Loyalty: attachment, devotion, faithfulness, steadfastness

It’s awesome to see a dog loyal to its master. No matter what or how the master is to the pet, for the animal to have unwavering love for them. How loyal are we to our God? Are we willing to run when things get tough or to stick it out to the bitter end. This weekend I find out where my loyalty stand with God or His church. Never thought I would be tested in this way. To see if I was loyal to my emotions, people or to my God and to obey Him. Took everything in me not to run and throw my hands up, to say ‘forget this.’ With a hurt in my heart I went back. When Jesus said, “blessed are the ones who don’t easily offended”. Man, can I tell you how hard it is not to get offended/hurt and to walk back. Think of Paul when He got beat up and thrown out of the city. For that man to get up and just to walk back in. Some people would think that is dumb or weak. But I see it as strength from on high to do it again, Devoted people understand the saying, “through thick and thin”. So I ask you today how loyal are you to God? Does your loyalty change His faithfulness to us? -tsuLife Author

Enjoy the song of the DAY! Powerful lyrics!!!


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