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You can change her into YOU, my readers…

You are the light that will shine out to all the nations. Your God’s consuming fire. Filled with godly wisdom, that flows our of your mouth to anointed millions. You standing at the pulpit speaking home to the hopeless. Over flowing with power to bless anyone you come in contact with. Everyone… Anywhere. Walking testimony of God’s glory. The you’re testimony of God’s love. When everyone else walks out, your still standing in faithfulness. He is pleased with you. He has never left you and never will. You are His rock of hope, faith, trust to His lost and hopeless. Carry your flame with faithfulness. Don’t lose heart, He has you. He rebukes and removed anyone or thing that got in the way of His love for you. He wants your love to the fullest. He wants your heart, body, soul and love. He is jealous for your love and affections. He wants to hold you up from now on.
(This is from the Holy Spirit through me to one of my brothers in Christ)

Be my “oracle”. I don’t want you to be a nun. I need to send you out. You will marry. I need more godly people. You will be my walking word and truth. Carry out my will. Blessed you are in truth and light. Go to the nations. Be my hands, feet, eyes and truth. Walk. Love in truth. This is why I made you, to walk it out. I’m with you forever and always. Pray, read and study onto me, alone. Speak when I tell you. Love when I tell you. Rebuke when I tell you. From now on I will order your steps. Lose the job, lose the dream. I will give you more then you can ever get on your own. Love like you trust. Listen like you love. Act like you care. Hands and feet I anoint them to move for my glory, alone. You are mine.
(This is from the Holy Spirit through me to one of my sister and to me, too. This word was for both of us)

When You spoke her into creation, You spoke the most eloquent poem.
She is Your tree of life enriched by the river of revelation that flows from Your throne.
A commissioner to Earth, an agent of grace, her citizenship lies in heaven.
Her heart is an all consuming fire that revitalizes the Earth and skies.
In the midst of the storm, remind her that she is not alone.
Help her to seek Your parenting and truth.
If she runs from Your esteem and council, chase after her.
Intercede on her behalf through energies of prayer, fast, tongues and worship.
Empower her to respond with love, grace and humility.
Teach her about the intricacies of the parcels of heaven dwelling so richly inside of her.
Protect her from discouraging, manipulative lions.
Motivate her by increasing her vision and prophecy.
Like a sunflower, she wants to provide a multitude of services to Your land and people.
Pollinate her seeds with mentorship, discernment, favor, joy and peace.
Utilize her to establish transnational solidarity, on Earth as it is in heaven.
Bathe her in Your blood daily, remind her that her debt is paid in full.
Illuminate her light with Your authority to deliver and heal those in Your presence.
Through her, unearth and dismantle generational lineages of curses in public health.
Jesus, Your word does not return void.
Isaiah 55:5 is Your promise to her.
Your His lily amongst thorns, your secret weapon.
Her life is Your ongoing prayer.
Blessed is her who is pure in the heart for she shall see the face of God.
        (This is from the Holy Spirit from my spirit daughter to me)

God is with you, always. -tsuLife Author


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