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I’m back online. I have been taking a break from the web for a month. Blogging has been a means of release. For that month, God put me back into the secret closest for strength and wisdom in love. Sometimes life makes you hard and bitter from the day to day failures. Now understanding failure is not the problem but my attitude about it. Complaining can keep you in desert for 40 years or 40 days. Its on your attitude about. To endure the pain and trail, to receive strength to over come again and again. Keep your head up my readers, God is with if you know that or not. Strength is yours and love is given out of pain you endure. God bless you today and be a blessing to others. They need you as much you need Him. One mourns, we all mourn… one rejoice, we all rejoice. Be Christ’s hands and feet, walk it out. Love you guys! –tsuLife Author

P.S. I will be posting artwork that I have been working from my fast from media.


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