Personal Thoughts

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I like Liquid Church cause I can be faulted and not judged. Can be myself and let God do what He has to in me, without someone pointing a judgmental figure at me. “Your a Christian you shouldn’t be like that.” Instead of coming as you are, trusting God is going to do something in you. “Because faith is a journey, not a guilt trip.” God doesn’t need us, we need Him. Thinking you have to say something, do something, act in someway, for Him to promote us. He wants us do things out of love. To know love it to know sacrifice. To be a living sacrifice to a living God. He doesn’t need us, He wants us, just our love. What about loving each other? I put it this way, it’s hard to love someone when you think less of them as a person and/or a christian. Seeing the best in people, that God can do in and through them. Don’t be shielded to outside world and struggles people are going through. If your life is perfect, count it as a blessing. Cause real people go through up and down in all seasons of there life. But the hope you can give people is even when your down, there is a God with a safety net. Until you can stand on your own two feet. And when you are standing, willing to do the same for others without making judgment on there situation. I know its hard not to judge, its are default when we don’t understand. You have people secrets and hope in mankind or even God that is in you. -tsuLife Author


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