Season Warfare

The last week between being sick and spiritual warfare, there was a lot going on. Sorry that I haven’t been writing. This season is full of secret closet, meaning of worship, and warfare. He wants me to be watchful and steadfast, never cease from praying while He fights my battle. Its weird for someone to fight my battle. I have always been the one battling for protection over someone else. And to have God, Himself, fight my battles. I’m kinda honored but trying not to get prideful over it.

Steadfast is my season. I can easily be distracted by negative words spoke over my life, entertainment, my gifts. And honestly lose track of God and the things He is doing in my life. I pray for myself to get back into a normal routine of being in God presence with waking up early, blogging, worshiping, reading and praying… just filling my day with Him. Last week was not that for sure.

The two things that was words for me in this season.
1) Sin is like a spider web, easily to judge the fly as dumb for flying into it. But I was corrected by the Spirit saying “the fly was distracted, be steadfast.”

2) Christianity is not about behavior, it’s about who you’re following. Christian = Christ Follower

Another thing was having a job in the body of Christ, that was given to you by God. Understanding what it looks like in the Word and doing it with all have onto the Lord. Doesn’t matter what people say about you. Cause if you listen to man and disobey God, whats the point. I really trust God, even when people don’t trust me. You don’t have to trust me but you can surly trust the God in me to do something.

I pray for anyone going through the same season. I pray for strength in spiritual warfare that Lord is fighting for our victory. That you have peace, that you can praise for victory before the fight is over. Amen. -tsuLife Author


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