When you repent from your sins why do we continue you sin afterward. Cause the sin wasn’t fully given up or the repentance wasn’t sincere. The only thing enemy want you to think you have no power over it. I was prideful of money and the career path I was taking. I said here and there to God I want to be humble. Cause I knew that was the Christian thing to do. But I still like to boast about in my heart. Until God corner and broke me, He said your pride or my peace. I wept for my sins in front of Him and He delivered me from my evil thoughts. Boasting made me think that I was putting myself in a better light but it just made me look like fool. I thought it would take a long time to change my behavior. It was taking a long time cause I was doing it in my own will power but with God it took one experience. He can do all things. -tsuLife Author


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