New Year!

Happy New Year

Feeling the Spirit where ever I go. My life is to fight for Him and to be in Him. It’s the only way He is going to work through me, is when I become sensitive to the Spirit. Knowing and understand the movement of the Spirit and just walking with faith. This is what I want for the new year for me and my whole church. Just to be lead by the Spirit, hearing yes, no, go, stop, speak and listen where ever. I hear His call back to the secret closet with Him. Where He will teach me how to walk by faith and love. To speak only of Him.

As of this year I’m taking my mind back, no more evil thoughts that cloud my judgement. For my old man died at my baptism on July 4th 2010 on the beach. I love that it was on Independence Day, for so many under lining meaning. Plus it’s an easy day to remember.

I pray for you guys to get wisdom, faith and joy from on high. That you receive an out pour of the Holy Spirit to service others. Be Bless in God and be with Him in your secret closet. –tsuLife Author


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