Success at the Cost of Your Dreams

Dreams are usually ideas that are in the deepest part of your heart. And most of them are not fulfilled cause of not knowing how to get there or fear.

Success is a living that you end up becoming known for and usually not planned.

Sometime success can make you sacrifice your dreams. I’ve seen may people lose there dreams because of success. Chasing after a pay check doesn’t bring happiness or your dreams fulfilled. Dreams can be the one thing you always knew you where made for.

One dream of mine, is teaching young adults in the arts. Like dance, music, photography, art and so on, with different teacher from each of these subjects. Also helping and mentoring girls with abused past, to bring them to a restored and health life. Even talking about makes me feel uncomfortable cause it is so close to my heart.

Don’t let your dreams fade away because of success. I could become well off hairdresser or photographer but at the cost of missing out on what I was made for. I will not stop dreaming, working, writing and bless others with what I have. And I wish the same for your life too. -tsuLife Author



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