Healing through Christ

Work salvation out on my knees. (From a song that I don’t remember the name of) Prayer produce healing. Healing makes you whole. To be a veil of God you have to work something out with Him first…

Before and after the hurricane hitting New Jersey, I haven’t been wanting to blog. My area really didn’t get hit. So it doesn’t seem real what happen to the shore 45 mins from me.

Something that has stuck with me the week before the storm, I said to my church that I felt like I had no concept of reality. I’m waking up for the first time and that things are really not what they seem. My life is not what I wanted it to be. That I cared more about success then my own physical health. “Reality check, what is more important, making something of myself or helping some else.”

Just some thoughts that have been bouncing around in my head. But I know the more I seek Him, the more peace He gives. His plans will prevail through His strength and love for us. Keep your head up guys, He is on His way. -tsuLife Author

Going to share some photos of my area from the storm.


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