What do you do for the world?

What was poured into you should be over flow into other people lives. Knowing the calling, blessing and anointing on your life should be motivation enough to give it to others. I was talking to two friends and sisters of God last night about blessing and anointing on my life. That some people were saying to me when I told people “have a blessed day” or “I’ll pray for you.” They would always say to me your prayers work. It was not more of my prayers working or not, it was all God. But knowing if I said something in the spirit that He will honors it. So it gave me motivation to pray for my girlfriends around me or tell people in passing “have a blessed day” or “enjoy the rest of your day.” Just to know that my words gives life to people and every word said God hears. But also makes me think of all the nasty and negative things I said. I have to say sorry for them cause I don’t want them to be from flesh hurting other people. I’m very shy when it comes to praying out loud. I see how God to pushing me to do it more. It’s like Him saying to me, “Listen your prays are heard, so pray for them. Otherwise you are robbing them from blessing for Me… Speak!” He also tells me to be quiet when I’m not in the spirit and I have anger or anything else in my heart that is not from Him. He is protective of the words that come out of my mouth just cause of the anointing behind it. Your words bring life or death. So what spirit are you speaking from.

The last week I got mad at a friend and didn’t confront that person until a week later. Cause I know everything that I would have said out of anger, would be voided because of emotions or spirit I was speaking of. It didn’t matter if I was right. So I waited, until I was cleared minded and speaking from a kind heart.

What do you do for the world? -tsuLife Author


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