Be set apart with love and joy. Your behavior will speak louder then your word. As we walk in God’s image of who He is. Walk with grateful, honor, respect and compassion towards the people around.

Everyone has heard “treat people the way you wanted to be treated”. But when it comes down to how often do we respect and honor others. We respect people we know or has done good in our eyes. The moment we get disrespected, thinking to ourselves, “I shouldn’t be treated this way.” Once offended, anger becomes a real throne in the side.

This is why we always have to walk in the Spirit. Jesus could have got offended at what the Pharisee said to Him. He could have reply to them, “Do you know Who I am”, but He didn’t. The Pharisee got offended cause they thought they desire to be treating higher then they really were. Making there posies as gods. We do it too, I do it. I desire this and that cause I listen to God, I read the bible, I pray, I did this for that person, I’m faithful, I have been here longer, I’m the best. The one issue with that is, there is a whole lot of “I” and not much of “Him”. To be honest we don’t desire anything. Our main focus should be Him and others. How are we treating them and not want people are doing for us. -tsuLife Author


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