Self Worth

I had an issue that I just couldn’t pray for myself. It was easy to lift other people in prayer. I known it was the way I thought of myself, thinking that I was not worthy of it. I felt dumb asking Him for everything. I just felt like a user. Like He was some kind of genie.

I know now the enemy was using “do everything for everyone and put yourself last” against me. When you have no self worth it’s hard to stand up for yourself or do things for yourself. I even let “doing  things for other people” get in the way with my relationship with God.

My girlfriend gave me great advice.  She said read Psalms out loud as a prayer. So I open the Bible to any Psalms and it was to 61. I wrote the whole thing down as my prayer in my prayer journal. 

I don’t know if it’s was cause I didn’t want to deal with my issues, myself worth or the time that was taking up servicing, that was wearing me thin. But I think all three are in a tie at this point.

I have to take time in the day for myself and God, just to have coffee time with Him. That time together will recharge my died battery.

Readers, have you ever felt that way. And how did you get through it? Be blessed today with your alone time with God. -tsuLife Author

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  1. olivehealth said:

    I totally feel this way sometimes…I almost feel guilty asking God to give me anything, since I’ve already been blessed with so much. I remind myself that God cares about every aspect of my life. When I draw nearer to Him (coffee date:) is when I feel most at peace with who/how I pray because the words just flow.

    Thanks for another great post Nick! Keep ’em coming.

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