21 days

For the next 21 days I’m going to be doing a prayer fast. Each day I’m going to pray for a different person. My mom and dad I’m going to be praying for two days each. Some days I’m going to do a no food, veggie or liquid fast. It’s up to God on that day cause some people in my life God wants me to push forwarded harder. Through this prayer fast I want God to make the grounds of there heart soft, so He can brake through.

I’m starting to understand want an¬†instrument of God is. We have some much power in Him. To help Him in His great mission on bring Heaven to Earth. We just have to be steadfast in Him and in prayer. Prayer is our open line to God. Think of the best phone wireless plan with unlimited minutes, text and data. That is what our prayer life such be like. Just a want to spend time with Him alone, like the same way you would want to spend time with a partner. To be excited to tell Him about your day, what you’re going do tomorrow or what you guys want together over weekend. That’s why Jesus says over and over He is after His bride. A bride is the time a women is preparing for the day were she will commitment to a husband for the rest of her life. God is preparing His bride now to spend eternity with Him.

So give Him a call today and just talk to Him whats on your heart, the line is open. -tsuLife Author
(Photo was taken at the Grand Canyons 2012)


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