Trip to California

So when God closes one door in your life, just be prepare for Him to swing open 5 more. He is a God of abundances. As I told you guys before about the school I applied to and didn’t get into.

As I walked back from the DD line after my talk with God. I saw I had a missed call and a voice mail from a friend. In the message was my friend telling me that she was sorry to hear that I didn’t get into school. In return she invited me to California for vacation. As I was completely blow away from the offer. I called her right back to talk to her about the details. Take she already talked to everyone else and said they would like me to come, too. I told her that I would have to get a plane ticket there and get off of work. The trip was two weeks away. I told her in a couple days if I was able to go or not.

A moment after I got off of the phone with her. I called my boss saying, “Hey, I have random question. Would I be able to take off of work from 22 til the 31 to go to California.” He said, “Sure”. I was like,” Wait what? I can take off!?”. He said, “Of course you can, don’t worry I’ll find someone to work those days.” Let me tell you, the studio that I work at me and him are the only ones that work there cause within the last month we had two people leave. So him letting me take off is huge. And I started this job about 3 months ago, too.

Let me give you a small back story about sacrifice you make and how God honors it. Before asking him off of work this time. I wanted to Jesus Culture in NYC three weeks before. That we were so short staff at work that I could not take off. I work those three days straight. I worked on my day off and worked alone. So my boss was able to go to his daughter rehearsal on Friday night. Which I don’t work Friday night. I also work alone on Saturday so he could spend time with his family. As work those three days, I known that God was doing something in return, but I didn’t know what.

Now my next thing on the list was a ticket to California. I was taking a one way ticket there and was planning to drive back with friends. I was looking at tickets that ran from 400 to 700. Everything I was looking at was out of New York. From where I live that was an hour and half. That night I felt that this trip was not going to happen, between the ticket prices and unable to get to the airport. I wrote in my prayer journal to God. If it was in Your will that You would make everything work out. That I was not going pay for a ticket more then 300.

So the next morning, I looked at tickets again. I find a cheap ticket out of New York. So I called my cousin if he would be able to give me a ride from Penn station to the airport. So said to him, “Hey, I have a random question. Would you be able to give me ride to the airport?” He said, “Of course, I would even drive to New Jersey to pick you up.” And was like, “Wait what? You would really bring me to the airport?” He responded, “Of course I would do anything for you, you’re my cousin. Get the ticket and I’ll take you there no matter what.” I said to him, “Hey would I be able to come over the night before to hangout before I go.” He said, “Yes that would be great.” The ticket cost was $293, Glory to God!

I’m off of work and have a ticket to California, now the next on the list was money to have for my trip. Remember, I have only worked for 3 months and didn’t work for a year before that. So money was tight. I did not have a credit card or debit card. That two week before, I open a debit credit with 500 on it. The women at the bank said  that I may not get the card in time for my trip. So hoping on God to work things out in His time.

Thinking that money may not come but thinking that I’m still going no matter what. I got a few hair cuts come in that week. So I cut one of my friends hair from church and I said to him, “How much are you bring with you on your trip?” He said, “300” and I returned said “I was thinking 500”. Cause I was thinking of the debit card.

The day before I was going into New York, I got paycheck deposit into my account. I took out about 300 with getting my debit card the day before, too. So in my head I thought 300 would be fine. I went shopping and spend 50 of it on travel things. So I was left with 250.

That night before leaving to New York I hung out with my two friends. I had a special thing happen to me that night, that would change my idea on God’s blesses. My one beautiful spiritual daughter of God, said to me that she had something for me. She asked me to close my eyes, bow my head and put out my hands. I felt paper in my hands. To look up to see money in my hands. She said that God put it on her heart to give me money for my plane ticket to California. Her and my other friend put money together for me. I wept and glorified God. That He was willing to go over and beyond for me to bless me. I also cried in front of two other unsaved friends and glorifying God’s goodness. So when I went home later that night to count how much they have given me and what was left from my paycheck to find out that I had 500 dollars. To drop to my knee and cried, worshiping God on what He has just done.

As I went to California, the Lord healed and move me into a position to bless others. There was one night that we were at a youth service. Where my pastor was going to speak at. As the worship team played. A young man behind me started to sing along to the music. He voice had so much power in his voice and it was so beautiful. Thinking to myself, who is this kid. After the team was done playing, they said lets pray. The young man started to pray, at that moment the presence of God fell. His prayer had so much strength that I only felt before from huge preachers. My mind was blow away on the spiritual strength this kid had. As the service ended, the young moved away from behind me to sit with some of his friends. I got a word from God for this kid, “intercessor.” At that moment I known that I had to talk to this kid. The service ended, I went on a hunt for this kid. Not knowing who he was and what he looked like. I turned around to see two rows back to see a young man with a black book-bag. And I know it was him. Within a matter of seconds, the kid disappear. I panic walking outside the build to look for this kid. Thinking the kid is gone. I walked back into the build to find him talking to some people. As I walked to the kid next to him that I did know. The kid turns around to shake my hand, to say hi and that he saw me at someone house the day before and he didn’t get my name. I told him my name and said to him,
“Hey were you behind me for period of time. Cause your voice is amazing.”
He said, “Yes, Thank you”
I said to him, “Have you ever heard of intercessor before?’
With a puzzled look on his face saying, “No.”
I said to him, “Cause when you were praying behind me the presence God fell. That only happens when you have a strong secret closet.”
He return saying, “That was just what I needed to hear.”
The kid started to testified on what I was saying and that God was breaking him in his secret closet. I told him about my testimony on how I got to California. He keep on saying Glory to God. As the last thing I said to him was, “Are you in school?”
With a smile on his, “Yes.”
I said to him, “For what?”
The smile on his face go bigger saying, “I going to school to become a pastor.”
Everything inside of me tried not cry. Saying out loud, “Oh my God, no way!” We said our goodbyes and glorifying God on what He just did in both of lives.

The next day I got revelation about my calling. As I said this to one of my friends about what happen, “Just because I didn’t get into that school, doesn’t mean that the gift is still not there.”

The day after I got back from my trip, I talked to mother about my vacation. Not talking to much about all the details, just enough for her to see that God is with me. My mother is unsaved. By the end of our talk, she told me that her head hurt for the last couple days. I asked her if I could pray for her. And to my shock she said yes. So as I hugged her while praying for her.

There was a lot more that happen but this post has been long enough. Be blessed and be faithful to God and He will be faithful to you. -tsuLife Author


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