Ask & You Will Receive (Testimony)

Sometimes I don’t hear from God and I think it’s me. Maybe I don’t spend enough time with Him, or maybe He is speaking and I’m not hearing it. Well I am coning to know that is not the case and sometimes we will not hear from God on all things. He is seeing how patient and faithful we are. He is always faithful and He is never late and if He needed to get our attention He easily would especially if we live for Him. He said “My sheep hear my voice” and He would never lie. That comforts me because I don’t want to miss anything God says and I also don’t want to be the one at fault for this silence.
I have a great testimony I need to write and share and I just heard a great message on Habakkuk 2:1-3 about standing your ground despite trials because God said write the vision and make it plain so he may run who hears it! I hope this set’s you off like it did to me!

Sunday morning on 7/8/12 I woke up with “You have not because you have not” on my heart so I grabbed the word and read that scripture which is James 4:2 and I went about my day. I picked up my daughter from my wife’s house and went to church and then I went to my sisters and then I took my daughter home to her mom’s. I wanted to go for a run so I went outside but before I ran I prayed which I normally do for my safety and for my health but this time I prayed for my mouth as well. I had an infection in my gum for about a year and a half to two years and I couldn’t fix because my dentist said I would have to go to an oral surgeon and it would be thousands of dollars. I just figured oh well if I can’t afford then I have to pray about it and I did. This time I prayed and said “God you said I have not because I ask not” So I need your help to fix my mouth. I know it’s not good to have an infection in your body for so long and I knew if God didn’t supernaturally heal me the times I prayed that it was because it wasn’t necessary and their had to be another way…

I went for my run and then I came home and took a shower and grabbed my guitar and headed to my friend Tom’s house. Tom goes with me to church and he also teaches me the guitar on Monday nights. I told him that day at church that I popped a string and he said after I drop my daughter off to come over and he would fix it. Well I did and when I got there it was about 9:30p.m. And they were sitting down to eat dinner so I said I’ll come back another time but they welcomed me in and sat me down for a great steak dinner.

At the table it was my friend Tom, His wife Laurie and a young guy named Shane who they just moved into their house because his parents were throwing him out. He was very nice and Laurie told me that she just got Shane a job with her and I said “ you work at a doctor’s office right?” because I always see her dressed in scrubs when I go for guitar lessons and she said no not a doctors office an oral surgeons office. Bells went off in my head and I knew God was doing something, I felt it in my bones. I told her about my infection in my mouth and she said “when can you come in” I said I can come in soon but I don’t have insurance and I can’t afford all that money. She said again “when can you come in” I said Wednesday and she said OK. I said how much is this all going to cost me and she said “for you or for a regular person?” “For a regular person it would be a thousand for this eleven hundred for that and then the sedation would be another six hundred but for you seventy five dollars! I said “What!” She said “I have been waiting to help someone in the church with my job but I didn’t know anyone who needed help”.

I said you don’t understand I just prayed about an hour ago for this and then I was just overwhelmed. I also got to minister to Shane after that for an hour.

Wednesday I showed up to the oral surgeons and the night before at work a friend who overheard me telling this story offered me a ride and he took me. I went and I was expecting surgery in a back alley for $75 but it was a brand new office with the most state of the art equipment I have ever seen. They did a panoramic x-ray that was amazing and then the doctor was so nice to me; the doctor and I were the same age (33). He said after looking at the x-ray I couldn’t save the tooth and I needed to treat the infection so it’s two surgeries. He said if I was his brother he would tell me to just bang it out right now. He was very sharp and I just trusted him but I thought the second procedure would run my pockets so I asked to consult with Laurie my friend’s wife. She came in with the bill for the two procedures and it said $2360 but circled on the side was $75 SO I JUST LOOKED AT HER AND SAID OK! Just like I was promised! I was nervous to go under anesthesia but she prayed with me and then I remember just waking up after the surgery.

I also prayed for no pain because I couldn’t miss work, I needed to make money and I had no pain even though doctor said expect a lot of discomfort. God is so good and I had to write this down for the times when I think I’m not hearing from God and it’s my fault or I’m doing something wrong. God speaks in so many ways. This testimony even stumped the atheists in my circle and it was the first one my dad ever heard out. Also for some reason my dad wants to see the office where I got this done this Wednesday so whoever is reading this pray for Him, His name is Anthony and He needs the Lord as much as we need Him!

These high moments need to take us through the low times and we need to know how to hold on to the promises of God and stand believing that we can live by faith even if we can’t hear or see! The morning after the news of this breakthrough I received a text from my wife that she wants child support every week not every 3 weeks. So I called her and explained to her that if I could I would just because I know that she wants it that way but I can’t and I’m sorry. So she said that I need to put my daughter first and I said that I do. She said that it’s not good enough and I said you will have to deal with it. I know I wasn’t showing Jesus there and I should have just hung up but I said it. It wasn’t until about a half hour later I realized what was happening. After such an amazing breakthrough the enemy wanted to steal all my joy and immobilize me. When I realized this I have not shut up about how the Lord healed my mouth and I’m still going…!

God bless all of you who read this, my God build you up and send you out to be hope for all the world to see. Please pray for me, my wife (Toniann) and her salvation and my daughter Mia as well. Thank you for your prayers and remember God is still on the thrown and He is always faithful!!
Your Brother in Christ Forever,
Joey G

(This is one of my guest writers, If you want to read another one of his testimonies, Click here.)


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