Mourn to God

Unforgiven, is done by someone we trust and the out come we feel betrayed. When we get hurt, we usually get angry with the person instead of mourning over the betrayal. Betrayal can become bitterness. God heals people in mourning not in bitterness. Bitterness is when your heart is harden towards that person or just people in general. God can’t work on things that are closed off to Him. Have you ever heard that God models us as clay. What would you think would be easier to work with, hard or soft clay? Bitterness is you taking over the issues. Mourning is not knowing what to do with it.

Women do this a lot. I know cause I am one. We would cry over something cause we just don’t know what to do with our emotions or the situation. And when we are done crying or mourning, we just act like nothing happen. For most men, they think we are bipolar. We just have to get it out of our system. Of course, for the bigger issues we do need the comfort from the Spirit of God

This is how I hand betrayal or hurt. I usually walk out cause I know myself long enough, if I stay I will behave emotional and say or do something that I would regret. When I get alone with God either I cry or write. By the next morning comes, things have gone back to normal. The worst part to make me talk about it right after it happens cause I will run my mouth. I’ll come back around when I’m over it. (Some people will understand where I’m coming from) Bless my pastor’s and my friend’s heart cause I have some jerky stuff when I was upset. This is the way God has been working on me. Like He is putting me in timeout to cool off. The main out come is to mourn (not to get angry), give it to God and get over it , to hold onto nothing.

The book that I’m reading at the moment is Moral Revolution by Kris and Jason Vallotton. The book talks about being health enough to handle and behave the opposite sex. All good relationship start with having a good view and relationship with yourself. What I’m talking about today is in the 5th chapter of this book, just my view on this topic. I started this book on Monday, yesterday I had the day off so I went through 4 chapters. Most likely I’m going to finish the book tonight. I have not read a book like this since Crazy Love and Gift from the Sea.

Next time you are in a place of betrayal, give it to God and He will give you joy in the morning. -tsuLife Author


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