My day at the beach.


Thursday night I was planning on taking a train or bus into Brooklyn but I just couldn’t figure out what was the last time from jersey into new york was. The website was only giving me morning times. I called Ellie saying if there is no trains or bus going out when I get out of work, I’ll take the train in the morning. An hour later, she text me that she may have a friend that can drive her to New Jersey and back to Brooklyn.

So I get off of work and pack. As I wait for Ellie, I get a phone call from her, that she is down the street with her friend talking to my neighbors about Jesus. I walk down to them and we all pray together with neighbors that I never met before.

We get to my house and Ellie’s friend started praying over us and prophesying. She leaves to go back to up state New York. And now we wait for Ellie’s second friend to come from Brooklyn to pick us up. He comes and we are off to Ellie’s. We talk to him a little bit about Jesus and that he should come to youth tomorrow.

Ellie and I hangout for a bit with friends and went back to her house. We talked about God and what He has been doing in our lives til 3am.

The next day we went to the beach, as you can see in the video above.

Later that day we go to youth and the kid that gave me and Ellie a ride from New Jersey to Brooklyn shows up. He seem like he really enjoyed himself.

You never know where God will led you, be bold and don’t fear. Everything always works out. -tsuLife Author


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