Day Two

Fasting when there is an event or holiday, would have to be the hardest thing to do. I have been thinking about it all morning. On what I was going to do when I got to my sisters house for a bbq later. Thinking I might just eat fruit and veggies, like more of the raw food. Or just go all the way and not eat. I think God is going to led me on what to do until the time comes but for now I shouldn’t worry about it.

I was reading “Out of Control and Loving it” by Lisa Bevere on the beach this morning. And the one thing she was talking about was her anger. I could really relate to her. It was talking about how forgiveness, bitterness and anger go hand to hand. The type she was talking about was gossip. God told her, “Gossip is two or more people standing inagreement with the lies of the devil”. I neve thought of gossip in that way.

Now hours later from the first paragraph. Which I did eat at the bbq. The thing I realize today after my nap, it has been two years since I got baptize. On July 4th on 2010 I was baptize in the ocean. I’m happy that I’m going onto my four year with God. When I started going to church was in March of 2009. When I gave myself to God fully was August of that same year.

I hope you guys had a good 4th of July. -tsuLife Author


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