After my blog post late last night. I got a I text from one of my girlfriends about the “thankful” post and the one before called “rejection and what if”. This is her beautiful text from this morning.

I know this is late & hope it doesn’t wake you… But I just wanted to let you know that I get Your email subscriptions to your blog & the day I received the post of “rejection” I refused to read it because it was the last thing that day that I wanted to read about because I was praying for victory… So yesterday my answer to that prayer was indeed rejection & I was distraught! I went to the beach alone, crying & questioning God & sulking… I fell asleep early once I got home & I woke up & read your follow up blog about the anchor. I just felt like I had to text you to say thanks. I tend to feel bitter towards God when I don’t understand the why’s & I stay thinking about the pitiful “what ifs”. So I’m still stuck in this place & hoping it’s only temporary but thank you for encouraging me through your blog. Be blessed.

What a blessing our trails can be for the hope for others. There are so many in the bible that we can learn from. But when it is from someone we know, it can give us that little extra hope to get through it. Fellow bloggers do you have a story about one your followers that wrote to you, that truly moved you. Share your story below. -tsuLife Author


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