Day One

I am  fasting for the next four days. I figure to share with you guys, what happens, how to stay strong and what to do when you get attacks.

A girlfriend and I are planning something in our personal lives. So we came to agreement to fast together yesterday.

Today is the first day. I began my day pretty good, cause I woke up to a wonderful text from a friend. I went downstairs to talk to my mother about bible school. The two thing I known better not to say to my mother was bible and school. We got into a huge fight on why I was going to church and not having a life going to bars with my friends. She told me, no I can’t go. I looked at her saying, you know I’m 27, right? I was telling her cause I wanted to be open with her but she just shut me down. I cried and just went to work. Work was so busy, it made my day a little worst. All I was thinking about was not going to school, I’m hungry and mad. My consumers were all so nice, which made my day. They were even saying to me, you are working alone, its packed, you are handling it so well and never the less with a smile on your face. Every consumer was thanking me for being so patience. Like they say, the consumer is always right. I left work later then I want to (a guys passport got messed up so I had to retake it, we still use film for passport photos). On my ride home, I thought that I left my phone at work, thinking I was not going to be able to get it until Thursday and started to cry. I’m the type person that can hold it together when people are around but the moment I’m alone I can easily break down. Then when I find my phone in my pocket. I thought to myself, time to get it together. I went on with my day. I went to target to get drinks for my fast. By time I left target I felt better, thinking that I can do this.

Even tho the fight was still ringing in my head. I realize, I needed God blessing to do something more then anyone else. Someone and somewhere you will always get that no or you can’t do it. In the end its between you and God. Don’t let negative words keep you from what God told you in your heart to do.

What am I fasting from? Cause I figure that would be the most comment question. I always tell  people its between you and God. It can be something small or big. You can do a Daniel, Esther or any other person that is the bible fast. But the thing for each one of these people, they were always led to fast. So you don’t have to put a limit on how or what you fast. Like I said before its between you and God. I decide to do a no food fast, just liquids and protein shakes.

Remember you are going to have your ups and downs but after all don’t give up. And if you mess up just start again the next day were you left off the day before. Cause when we mess up (like sin) God doesn’t make us start from the beginning but where you left off. Good Luck and God Bless. -tsuLife Author


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