I’m thankful for God, He has been showing me in the last few days many things from my heart. You know how I was telling you about what my friend said about, “A sailboat with no anchor, you welcome the current for hope in direction, but allow the wind to blow you to and fro.” My first thoughts on it where right then I wanted them to be. Being tied down… And the wind was not necessary a good thing. God was showing me, I was easily move from one place to another. Jesus told us to be rooted in Him. How can you be rooted when there nothing to hold on to. My friend point out the current always brings you back to shore. On shore there are places where a boat can get tied down to, “a home basic”. I never called anything “home”. I was the type of person that would move very easily without a care. I was tend to be known as a flaky person. Hanging out with a group and when they know to much about me or went I get hurt. I would just move onto the next group. I wanted to leave my church so many times. But every timed I tried, I couldn’t. I didn’t feel comfortable but I couldn’t ever bring myself to leave. It was more like home then I was willing to admit. Home, a place I can return to time and time again. God did want me to be tied down and stop being so flaky. I know I’ll mess up, but even in the middle of it, He will be there, my refuge… my home. -tsuLife Author


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