There was a few things I woke up to this morning to. One was I woken up by this awesome thunder storm and I heard “God is…”. And then a couple minutes later in the shower “The I am”.

As I was driving to work, thinking about my day and how we were so over booked the past weekend. Hoping that it would not be the same way today. I stressing that I would have to do it alone.

Greed it wanted popped in head. Most corrupt companies are very greedy. They make this unbelievable goal for there employees, they want perfection but just produced tired and stressed employees. Greed consume you from the inside out. It distort the motivation to work hard for more and more money. But lacking the time for things that doesn’t involved money. Families are lost, friends and even your relationship with God. What are you doing with your time? And why? Time is a currency that can’t be returned so use it wisely. -tsuLife Author


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