Chemicals to Organic

About a week ago I got a scared that change my opinion about the products I use on my body. When I find a lump under my arm and by my breast. I had everyone praying about it. Within a week it was gone. And have heard before some antiperspirant have been link to breast cancer. Of course they keep you dry, but think about it this way, when you sweat it’s your body removing toxins. That’s why saunas and steam rooms are so health for you. So when you cake on deodorant onto you skin to prevent sweat, you are not letting your body do something that it natural does. If the toxin doesn’t come out, so where to they go then… maybe to the closest body part to your underarm? When I got that lump I was using Secret Clinical, then the next day I change to original Dove and within a week it went away. I think just changing my deodorant did make it go away. For me I don’t mind a little sweat.

Not only in our products they have also been messing with our food. Small amounts in our products is not a big deal. But using these products daily will add up by the end of the year. I was in the beauty industry for 8 years, and some people think putting products on your skin or hair will not effect you from outside in. That is very wrong. I’ll give you example how it does, lets take nicotine patch or birth control patch and how they work. It works by placing a sticker filled with chemicals onto your skin so it can go into your blood steam.

So the other day I went into bluemercury, where I met a sweet girl named Aly. She was nice enough to give me free samples of Kieh’s face products to try. I know within a week or so, my skin will get better from all the brake outs. I have already switch to a vegan shampoo and conditioner. Which the shampoo is so amazing that I usually don’t use the conditioner. Only once a week, you are talking to a girl with curl hair too!

So the next time you put something on your face and hair take a look at what it is made with. And the kinds of effects it’s having on your body. -tsuLife Author

  1. olivehealth said:

    So so true! I moisturize w/coconut oil & try using organic products… I just can seem to let go of the perfume:)

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