To Go Kit

A to go kit small enough to keep in your bag. To be ready for day trip, going out right after work or beach outings.These products work for me, you may want to swap something else out for something you can’t live without. I’ll also tell you why I picked these items.

10 SPF moisturizer I put the moisturizer into a sample jar I got from Body Work. 10 SPF will protect your face but also aloud for to get a little of a sun glow, when you are going to be in the sun but for short periods of time.

50 SPF Baby Stick is good when you end up at the beach or the park for hours and you don’t want your face to get brunt.

Wide Tooth Comb is good when you get out of the beach/pool water or car rides with the windows down. Of course start with your ends first and then work your way up.

Bobby Pin and Ponytail for bangs and unruly hair

Gray Eyeliner can turn from day to night by adding more and smug the line.

Mascara, Lip Canyon and Concealer little makeup goes a long way without being to much in the sun.

Q-tip for runway eye make-up when you get out of the water. Those days when you never thought you would end up in water but had to jump in. Take a tiny bit of the toner onto the Q-tip and apply under the eye to remove makeup.

Tweezers I’m starting to only be able to see my facial hair in the sunlight, it nice to get it before anyone see it.

Toner removes the dirt, beach, pollution and makeup from the day with a tissue, TP or napkin.

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  1. This is a really nice travel kit. You have all the essentials! I need to add a few of these to my travel stash

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