Sheep don’t wear Leash Collars

That comment has been rolling around in my head for a week. That I have never seen a leash on a sheep. I know what God was trying to say. On how people put restriction on each other. I have seen people be control and manipulate on things that they “think” that are right for others. I started to do the some thing to my girlfriends, saying things about there clothes, behavior, who they should or shouldn’t hangout with. Then I realize that I taking Gods job. Thinking “God, Your not going to do something about this, so I am going to take matter into my own hands.” There not much trust in God in that comment. If He starts a good work in you or someone else be sure that He is going to finish it. Jesus even told the Pharisees that you make it impossible for anyone to enter the kingdom of God, through your rules and restrictions. People today do and say the same thing. You have to be like this, you have to act like this and so on. Putting some much on the person to be perfect, to the point of putting them back into bondage. Cause they think anything less then perfection is sin. But what some people don’t know (that are doing this to other people) that perfection does not come through behaviors but a relationship with God. What you say or do to manipulate someone else is not going to make them holy. Just makes you controlling. If they are blessed in the Holy Spirit, trust God that He is going to do something in that person. Might not be the way you want or in the timing you want but God is going to do it His was. Love people, don’t tell them what to do. Sheep stay next to the Shepperd cause of freedom and love, not cause of control and fear. -tsuLife Author

(picture was taken in Australia 2007)


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