Communication with God

In the book of Luke, they talked about Jesus being in the temples at the age of 12. And didn’t start His preaching until He was 30. For 18 years He was out of sight digging into The Word. Learning from anyone that would teach Him. I’m sure He had a powerful prayer closet with His Father. It showed when He started preaching and He was still discipline in His prayer time. How many times do we make excuses that we don’t have time to pray or read. Jesus was a very busy man with healing, preaching, teaching and traveling. But He still made time 2 hours at night for His Father. He didn’t do it out of cause He had to, but did it because He loved His Father. This is going to sound hash but if the Messiah made time to pray to the Father, you can make time too. Those 18 years was His foundation period, even tho He got busier, He still put His relationship with God first. God’s kingdom, God’s will, God’s love, God’s mercy, God’s grace, God’s gift, and God’s healing. He was never about Himself, He was always about His fathers business. Even tho they were one in Son and Father. So when we make excuses on why we can’t, we are just putting ourselves first before others and God. This does sounds a really rough topic. But its just for you to see a different view on what Jesus did and His behavior towards His Father. When you love someone, you want to spend time with them, to get to know them as a person, to know there heart and for them to see your heart too. When you become close with someone, you can trust them with your burden and stresses. Through your alone time with God, He’ll start giving you answers about things that are bothering you. Like,
Why do I feel so spiritually dry?
Why does anything I do come out wrong?
Why do I feel emotional and physical drained?
What do you want me to do with my life?
Where should I live and work?
Is this person right for my life?
I’m sure you can think of million more questions. When there is a comfort level, it become easy to talk about the emotional thing that everyone goes through. Just on a side not, emotions is not a sin but acting on them can be. The bottom line is if you want to do anything for His kingdom, you have to talk to Him about it and also on how He wants it done. Jesus said things like “it’s not My time” or “it’s time for Me to go”. Cause of His day to day talks with His father, God told Him detail things about the day to come. Like in a marriage, with excellent connection between two spouses, you can both can get things done quickly. But the conversation between you and God would be more like, pray for this person, talk to that person, go there, help here and give that. With a joined partnership with you and God, you being the physical work and He is the spiritually (that of course being physical). He will give you a sense of peace and rest through His work, to the point of walking and talking as one. When you say or do things without your partner things become burdensome and unfruitful. There is just to much work for one person to handle, you need Jesus help. Let Him in your everyday life, tell Him what you are going to do that day and areas you may need His help. Or ask Him what can I do to get Your will done. -tsuLife Author

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  1. imyuliy said:

    Very encouraging! It’s indeed very important to talk to our heavenly father with the right motivation. We really need to battle temptations that lead us away from being focused on eternal aspects of life.

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