I started a fast with two of my friends for 21 days. I’m on day 9. I’m fasting from meat and dairy. I was pretty much a vegetarian before I started the fast. The biggest thing I’m fasting from is cheese. Cheese is one my favorite thing to eat on everything. So… no coffee, no milk, and no cheese, I’ve been sticking mostly to vegetables. But I did cheat on my fast on the 26th and the 28th. My birthday was the 28th and the 26th was my nephew’s birthday. Surprisingly, I’ve been feeling a little bit spiritually dry but I know even though that i may feel something spiritual, I know God is still doing something. I think fasting with a group of people is a wonderful thing, it helps each others to stay motivated and keep on track with the fast. What helped me the most is having little bible studies between each other. We can reflect on what we learned and different things that God has showed each of us.

This is how we started it. We picked the Daniel fast, also removed the 1 food that we like the most to give up. We folded three pieces of people with each of our names on. Pick out 1 person to pray for in our group while our fast. We had another group of names, that was not fasting with us, pick their names out to also pray for during our fast.

Comment below about your experience with fasting alone or with a group. Or if you haven’t done to fast before, ask your friends if they would do it with you. Fasting is easier when you have moral support. –tsuLife Author

P.S. The days that I don’t have a picture up, low quality image and/or poor grammar on the post. Are the days that I’ll be posting from my phone on my work brakes… like today.


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