Wants and Needs

God will have you give up the one thing you want that most. Let me example… A couple weeks ago, I was planning on selling my DVDs and CDs to give the money to the church. To me money was the one thing I wanted the most. Being unemployed for a year, I little extra cash wouldn’t hard. It took me awhile to get rid of the DVD and CD and now having God asking me to give up the money. I didn’t understand what He was doing but I known He just wanted it that way. I had a few scripture floating around my head. One that stuck out the most was, the guy that sold everything for that piece of land that had treasure in it. Christ is my treasure and where He dwell is as important. So giving the money to the church was very important to Him. After doing that I realized He was removing the want to make and have money.

Samaritan women at the well, she was looking for water but she got more then water. Jesus asked her for the one thing she wanted the most. She wanted to be filled, being through 5 husbands most likely she emotional and physical emptied. Jesus told her that if you know who was asking you for water, that He would give you living water that you will never thirst again. The one void she wanted to be filled that most, that no man could fill.

What is God asking you? What are you willing to give up? He might be trying to get that want out of you. -tsuLife Author


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