My Vacation

Sorry that have not been writing for a while. I went on vacation and didn’t realize that would not have internet or a phone. I learned something about myself on this trip about my character. Before I left I was home alone for a week without my parents. So I worshiped, prayed, read and sought God every moment I had. I had things my way and I loved it. I thought I would be able to keep it up while I was away. Not so much. The first day I was able to but as the week went on, it became harder and harder to. I had no alone time to worship and pray. I was stuck in a room, sharing with my parents. And on a boat with 3,000 people on it. By the seventh day I was losing my mind, I had no peace, I was easily tempered, I just was not happy. One day I decided I can’t take it anymore I need to worship somewhere, anywhere. I find out that the gym had a sauna and I notice that no one was in there. I went in with my ipod put on my headphones with Jesus Culture and just started to worship. I just didn’t care anymore I need worship, I needed His presence. I felt it, and things started to change after that. My mood was getting better and I could just let things go.

The next morning that I got home. God told me, “When I take you out of your comfort zone, are you able to still worship Me?” Rituals may not always mean discipline. If I write in my journal before I go to bed. But if I’m on vacation and don’t have time or privacy to write and worship, would I still be able to keep up with it. Even though my atmosphere is not the best, but God is not an atmosphere, He is a lifestyle. -tsuLife Author

Not that I speak in regard to need, for I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content.
Philippians 4:11


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