The Lord and I

I am forever grateful of my salvation!

God is speaking and He is doing it through love. Let me explain… I am a new Father and my love for my daughter has consumed me!! Don’t think it has diminished my love for Jesus, no but it has catapulted my love into the stratosphere. I give Him all the Glory because I know it is in Him that I can even see my daughter. My wife is divorcing me and tried to not let me see my daughter but God prevailed. Seven months I went without seeing her and then the Judge gave me 3 days a week and a sleep over twice a month. His faithfulness will melt the human heart and He never forgets. I now don’t remember the feeling of being alone, without her because today I am in love with loving her and being a part of my daughters life Amen!!

Let me show you how He (God) has been using this consumption of Love to show me the relationship of a Father. When my daughter was one years old and just starting to walk I would kick things in her path out of her way and God showed me that He was doing that for me as well. Despite what is in your way God will order your steps, He will make sure the road ahead though there are trials to just keep walking and He will provide a way through it!

Also one day my daughter came home from being out for awhile and she was trying to take off her coat like a good girl and she couldn’t get the zipper down. So she stomped her feet and threw a tantrum so I said “Come to daddy and I will take it off you” And she stayed where she was until she realized that unless she came to me that jacket wasn’t coming off. I wasn’t just going to jump up because of her tantrum so when she finally came I took it off her in 1 second. It was then God downloaded to me that I am that way with him. When you have a burden instead of coming to Jesus you throw a tantrum and want help from people or you want people to notice your distress but all you have to do is come to Daddy and He will take that burden off you in 1 second.

God is speaking to you, He’s faithful and He speaks because He loves you so much. Let us find the time to wait on Him today and come to Him and watch are burdens come off us in seconds and we will conquer things like He promised. Through our Lord Jesus Christ all things are possible and I believe this in Jesus name. May God fill you with the Holy Spirit and open our ears so we can hear what He is saying at all times.

Stay tuned for my full testimony…

Stay with Him it’s where the peace is! Yes even in your trial you can have peace. You don’t have to wait until they are over just call out His name JESUS! God is a rewarded to those who diligently seek him. Amen -Joe G!

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      ty so much 🙂

  1. joeg said:

    Thank you so Much 🙂

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