Spotless not Fake

Between yesterday and today God has been showing me two important things I have to understand with my walk with Him. One is being a “spotless bride” and the other is “out with the old and in with the new”. Yesterday I was cleaning in the studio that I work at. What I was cleaning was a cloth that we put on the floor to match our back drop called rainbow sherbet. I sat there for a couple minutes picking off the fuzz. The kind of fuzz when you washed a sweater and it gets this round fuzz. So on my hands and knees I’m picking off the fuzz. I thought to myself why am I doing this, this is boring. When I hear, “it’s necessary to be spotless bride”. I stop and thought these fuzz are my flaws that you are patiently picking off of me. Even when I think these is pointless, unnecessary, God thought it was important to see this process. So I kept on picking off the fuzz until it was spotless. I felt accomplish and fulfilled. I felt that God gets pleasure when He works on us like this. You have to be work pretty close to see someone flaws. That is what God wants, is to be so close that He is looking and working on us in a Zoom Len. Have you ever took a picture of something at 20 feet everything seem so beautiful. But when you are a foot away you start to notice the flaws. Our beautiful Jesus Christ has this wonderful thing called photoshop. A zit on your forehead, zap photoshop. His photoshop is the grace He gives us. I know some photoshop work makes things look really fake. God doesn’t want to make us fake, where we act like nothing in the world can hurt us. But prefect where and when my foundation is moved, I still stand. -tsuLife Author

Tomorrow I’m going to talk about the “out with old and in with the new”.

  1. Wow lady that is really powerful! I always love it when God shows us things like that small “meaningless” job, and how much true meaning it has. Amen! What a blessing

  2. joeg said:

    So troo! I need more of this meaning for the seemingly mundane and meaningless. Amen God cares about us so deeply. God chooses to think about us with more thoughts than there is sand on the seashore Psalm 139:17-18

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