Bride of Christ

I’m going to talk about the season that God is working on me right now. It’s has been a cleansing period of my life. I can see through the books I have been picking up, visions, dreams and other things. I have been seeing brides everywhere. In the Word it talks about the bride of Christ. A real marriage with Christ. Every time I saw anything about marriage I use to cringe. To me, if marriage was anything like some people I know, I wanted nothing to do with it. All I would see is one person or both couple in the relationship complaining, criticize, yelling, disappointing, controlling, ungrateful, disrespected, unloved, used and abused. Complaining is the worst for me. I think if someone complaining enough that they may become ungrateful. Nothing will make them happy and always thinking it could have been done better. God has been changing my heart about marriage. He has been showing me that marriage with the love between two believing hearts are to be use for God’s glory, not to be used by the other person. “Our love is a testimony of God’s glory.” One night I was talking to one of my friend’s dad about my unsaved family. The view from my family about my life was she doesn’t have a job, she doesn’t have money, she doesn’t have boyfriend, she doesn’t have her own place. To them I just seem like a loser. To God, He saw chance to glorify Himself. He had to physical and emotional brake me to build me. He didn’t want anything that I built with my own hands. All the things I built before I know Him, was for myself not Him. To Him it was a tainted offering. So He took everything away. I’m at the point of Him building. It hurts! Have you ever got shot by a nail gun? It’s not fun. Every time He pointed out another character flaw. It’s like another nail into the foundation. As painful as it is, I have to go through this to be a spotless bride of Jesus Christ. To be faithful to Him, to trust Him, to respect Him, to show Him honor, to be thankful, to be grateful, to be in awe by Him, to be head over heels in love with Him. This marriage with Him will be the most important one of my life. And if someone wanted to marry me, they would have to go through Christ first. Cause I’m not my own to give up. I really don’t know if he is prepare me for a spiritual marriage or a physical one. Either way I’m thankful to have Him in my life, my love. -tsuLife Author

  1. I got goosebumps reading this. It sounds like God is really working through you. One of the hardest things to go through is to start to see your own faults. Pride wants to take over and shout “No! I’m doing fine doesn’t everyone ___ (lie, cheat, etc)??” I have to admit I too am going through this, it’s taken me YEARS. My poor husband has battled with my pride and ego and God was whispering to me to let go and let Him have control. Have you heard “control” by JJ Heller? It’s one of my favorites, sometimes I need constant reminders to let go of control.

    Amen sis! Glad to hear the beautiful journey you are on!

    • tsuLife said:

      I never heard of JJ Heller. I really like the song. Thank you for sending me that video. I going to send you my facebook through your email. Just find me and add me. Thank you for the support sister!

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