Hearing Him

Sensitive to the spirit… is a lot of alone time with God. The time alone with God should be more then you spend with people. Jesus at the age of that twelve knew His time with God was very important. Learning, reading, and searching for God through the scriptures. Through seeking, you will get to know Him in an intimate way and you will find Him.

What comes from seeking God. He will show Himself to you but He will search your heart. To know what your motive are behind seeking Him. He wants to know if you really love Him. What He wants out of us is our love and heart. He like a seek and rescue team for your heart to remove evil motives.

When He cleans house of poor character and hurt wounds, He starts modeling you into something new. Where we become very vulnerable because everything we ever know is different. It may feel like you’re losing yourself, but the more we lose ourselves the more we gain Him, becoming a reflecting image of Christ. At this fragile time let God take control and let God be your refuge. There is a good chance that some people will be coming in and out of your life. You will lose and gain both physically and spiritually. Let it happen and don’t force it. He’s got you.

Being used by God. You’ll start to notice that things will come out of your mouth that you may not understand. Spiritual download, as my one friend would call it. Pushing the relationship with God to a new level. Where He will start trusting you with more. When you become obedient on what you have received, He will increase more of the “Spiritual download”. Either for yourself or a word for someone else. To get to that level of Him working through you, first He has to work in you. Be respectful to the gift or what was giving to you. Be thankful even when you don’t know what you are doing.

Each one of these steps happen a year at a time for me. For other people it can be shorter or longer. It is up to the individual on how open the person wants to be. I was a tough cookie to get through but as soon as I gave God a little opening, like a small prayer, “I need you”. He will blow open the door. Trust Him, I promise He wouldn’t let you down. -tsuLife Author


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