The Numbers on Fruit

Have you ever wondered what the numbers on fruit and vegetables meant? What if I told you they were number between genetic engineered, conventionally grown or organic. Here is the brake down of the numbers.

PLU stickers that have 4 digits and begin with a “3″ or “4″: produce is conventionally grown. This means that this produce was sprayed with weed killers and chemical pesticides.

PLU stickers that have 5-digits and start with “8″: produce was genetically engineered (man intervened by manipulating the genes to produce a larger or brighter colored food). This produce may have been chemically treated.

PLU stickers that have 5-digits and start with “9″: produce was raised organically. You can be sure that this produce was not treated with any chemicals.

4139: Conventional Granny Smith apple
94139: Organic Granny Smith
84139: Genetically Modified Granny Smith

So the next time you go to the grocery store look up the stickers, to make sure you are getting the best food.

For more info, click here for original blog.

Here is a reminder for the numbers…
Organic: 9 is fine
Genetically Modified: 8 I hate
Conventionally Grown: 4 is a bore

  1. qiuuing said:

    Interesting fact! I learnt a new thing today 🙂

  2. Awesome information!! This is wonderful to share. I’m reblogging 🙂

  3. Reblogged this on virtuousgracious and commented:
    If you get confused with the produce stickers at the store, here is the keys to knowing what to buy and what not to buy!

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