How Did We Become So Jaded?

As I get older I’m start to see a change on the way I talk to people. The more bad experience I have is leaving a imprint of bitterness and unforgiveness towards people in my life. Makes it hard to trust those people or anyone new. My heart is becoming hard. Which is a shame, were I can miss out on amazing relationship just because I’m to scared to get hurt. I realize unforgiveness for one person can change every other relationship I have. Thinking what if they will judge me, what if they will tell everyone my secrets, what if they stab me in back, what if they make fun of me… Just because we don’t want to be rejected for who we really are. So up goes the wall and mask to protect ourselves. Cause it easier to be rejected for the fake you then the real you. After a while your going to lose your identity through not knowing who you really are. Changing, conforming and becoming into someone that doesn’t feel right.

Jesus called us to be like children. He know how that our heart became jaded cause of our past. Children have this beautiful gift of trusting everyone. How many people do we really trust in your life? Do you really trust God? Or do you think He will disappoint you like everyone else did? Is it from an unanswered prayer that has made you cold to Him? Do you have some unforgiveness towards people that hurt us? Can you trust again? What about the question that are towards us. Are you a trustworthy person? Have you hurt someone that you haven’t said sorry to? Do people have a hard time talking to you? Are you judging people on what they say? Can you see past others mistakes?

Thinking about these things and if you want to talk more about this type, comment below. Thank you friends for reading. -tsuLife Author

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  1. Saulo said:

    I feel like this often. Not because of past relationships, but just in general.
    I definitely need to learn to trust more. Keep that in mind when praying.
    Learning to be childlike is key!

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