Focus on what I’m doing and what I don’t have…

Your value as a person is not defined by your success or failure. It’s the living God inside of you that has value, not you.

Not being focus on what God didn’t do in our lives but what He did do. And being thankful even when we think God has not provided.

Sometimes I want to be successful, so I can prove people wrong. To show off, but in reality it shouldn’t be about me. I can’t give myself a gift. It would be about my success more than God’s name. That can be very dangerous, where I can easily glorify my name thought success. It would be a miss use of the gift that God has given me.

Being upset not getting something right away. I won’t be grateful for what I have, but always wishing I had more. Being happy with the little I have now. When I do receive more am I still going to be grateful or just have the same attitude of wanting more.

Be thankful towards God for what He is doing or isn’t doing in our life. -tsuLife Author


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