Hind and Seek

There is a level of mystery about God. Where you have to look for a clue to follow. We always think God speaks in the literal sense. He gives us a word, to step in the direction to find Him or whatever you’re looking for. It could be anything, like career, spouse or just His truth. It’s like a God scavenger hunt. With Easter around the corner, everyone knows what scavenger hunt is or has played it before. It’s when someone place something in secret for someone else to find. Sometimes, I just want to scream to people, “the egg, the egg is right in front of your face.” But for some people that would be annoying. They may want to try to do it on there own. For others may like the help, to be told right away. So they don’t have to search the whole yard all day for one plastic egg. And just want to be put out of there misery. Get the hint and go search with an open heart and eyes, cause you never know it might be right in front of your face. -tsuLife Author


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