God loves Hello Kitty too =^.^=

There is sometimes when you think of something that you would like but may not necessary you need. Like the hello kitty journal above. It started on Christmas, I got gift from my brother it was a hello kitty Little letters set. It was the cutest thing. When I brought it home my five year ago niece saw it was like, can I have it. I’m told her no but she can write a thank you letter to my friend that gave it to me. She agreed. So she wrote. “Thank you for getting the Hello Kitty Letter Set for my Teta (aunt in Macedonian).” Then she put her name on the bottom. We put sticker all over it. I gave it to him the next time I saw him at church.

A week later me and my niece went to a book store. We went by the hello kitty stuff and I saw this pink hello kitty journal for $14.95. I know I didn’t have enough money for it, so I didn’t think to much about it and put it down.

The following week I get to church and my friends says I have something for you. I was puzzled on what it could be. He pulls out the pink hello kitty journal. I scream in excitement. I didn’t know how he know I wanted this journal. I was thinking maybe cause he worked there. He might have saw me and I just didn’t see him. I left the group to sit down alone…. I got a thought, “it was God that was watching you.” I teared up and never told anyone about it.

I got the journal in back in January. Now over the weekend I was talking to a girl at the church we were visiting. She was talking a book that she received from a friend and never read it. I told “maybe the book is from God not your friend. I got a journal I wanted through a friend the same way. Sometimes I say to myself God just used my friends money to get me that journal. When I got that journal I was still doubting about start my blog. That journal was confirmation that God did want me to start it. God will use other people to bless you.” As I’m saying this, one of the girl’s friend turns around and hands her a CD. He said this is your birthday gift. She looks at him says “No way, We were just talking about God using people to bless others. I wanted this CD but I didn’t have enough money for it. Now you come over as we are talking about blessings, you give me this CD. Wow that is crazy.”

Today, share your testimony of the little and big things that God has done in your life. You never know, God may not be done with the blessings, it may pour right into someone else life.
God Bless -tsuLife Author


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