More to Life


It’s hard for people to live outside of themselves. Have ever thought there was more to life then A,B,C lifestyle…. making money, getting married, having kids and our issues.

That is when most people turn to drugs, alcohol, and sex to fill that need “I want more out of life”. People want to feel something different, for some reason they also turn to un-health stuff. That un-health “stuff” gives us that temporary happiness, but always feel bad about the next day or even the next moment its over. Temporary happiness is a cheap¬†imitation of joy. Joy is when you have the hard times and you don’t run away. But you stand your ground with grace. I wish more people can feel this joy.

I use to use alcohol for my run away solution. When I had a rough day, I use to say “I need a drink”. But I would always end up crying and feel worst the next morning. Running away will never solve your problem. I hear “I want to start fresh”, “I need to relax” or “life is to short”. “I want to start fresh” is someone thinking that starting over is a easy way out, then going face to face with it. Fix it don’t avoid it. “I need to relax”, sitting at a club/bar, drunk is not relaxing. It’s someone having issues with being alone with there thoughts. Your mind still goes with you when you go out, you are most likely still going to think about it. “Life is to short”, more of un-health lifestyle you live, yes life is going to be short. To be honest at the last curtain call, I would rather be going up then down.

What are you running from? What are you trying to avoid? Is it a chose, a un-health relationship, and how much more are you going to lose yourself in your pain. Just trying to mask it with your smile or your behavior, so people can’t see the hurt. You’re more then the mistake you made and God will help you through it. -tsuLife Author


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