Levi Whalen (music)

Levi Whalen, brother in Christ. He makes dance music. I have been dancing to his music all morning. I just love to see such talent that God has over follow into him. He is on Kickstarter
trying to raise 5,000 to start his career. He already gotten 3,452 but still needs 1,548 to go. On  Kickstarter if you don’t reach your goal date, all the funds will be return. IT ALL OR NOTHING! So help support your brother. Donate a little or a lot, whatever was put on your heart. Thank you for your support, Christ family. Share all his music and the links below on facebook, to all your friends that love dance music. I’m already in love with “High Power” and “Love Made Complete”. -tsuLife Author

www.kickstarter.com/Levi Whalen

The video is a Tutorial on Mixing


I am here to make my first album.

The money will go towards buying new gear (so this album really shines), duplicating the album (so people can buy it), and producing the backer rewards (so you are happy).

The album will consist of 10 songs, but will be available in two versions. The DJ-friendly version, which will have extended track-lengths, and the original version which will have casual listener track-lengths.

Since I own my own record label, this album will be available at a large number of online stores, and the revenue will come back to me to make more music and help others live their dreams.

To all of you who have pledged support, you get a huge thank you from me for supporting my work. Getting this project funded will allow me to upgrade my gear so I can produce top-notch recordings in the future as well. -Levi Whalen on Kickstarter

Due to the nature of Kickstarter as my platform for fundraising, this is an all or nothing deal. Either the project gets fully funded, or your contributions are returned to you. So if you pledge your support, (or even if you don’t!) please share this URL on your social networks so people can find out about it and we’ll reach the goal!


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